Jourdanton Elementary Beginning of the Year Assessment

Jourdanton Elementary BOY Assessments

 Our district will be conducting the BOY (Beginning-of-Year) Assessments as a tool the Texas Education Agency (TEA) is providing school districts to measure student learning and provide COVID-19 support for student learning.

The purpose of the BOY assessment:

·        Intended to support district, campus, and classroom-level analysis of student progress and understanding of the statewide curriculum.

·        To diagnose understanding of the TEKS from the previous school year. Therefore, the BOY assessments should be administered to students based on their prior year enrolled grade level. Therefore, 5th Grade students will test in Reading and Math on a 4th grade level and 4th Grade students will test in Reading and Math on a 3rd grade level.

The BOY assessments have been built using released State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) test questions.

Students should use the accommodations and accessibility tools they routinely and effectively use during classroom instruction and classroom testing.

A practice tutorial for the TestNav environment and the online tools is available in the Parent Toolkit to help teachers and remote learners navigate. You can find the parent tool kit on the website listed below towards the bottom of the page.

Students will receive results immediately and this will allow our teachers to assist students in knowing what skills they may be lacking due to our COVID-19 interruptions.

 Students will be taking this test online at school and remotely. Our teachers will be contacting you to tell your more and help you navigate through this process.

We will also be administering PK-3rd grade beginning of the year assessments to provide important information to teachers and parents to help us monitor our student's progress and needs. 

Please notice the dates below and ensure your child is prepared to do their best by getting plenty of rest and drink plenty of water the days prior. 


BOY Assessments Schedule


Circle Testing-10/5-9/2020


9/28-10/2/2020 TPRI


9/8-11/2020 TPRI


8/31-9/4/2020 TPRI


Reading: Education Galaxy 8/24-28/2020


Math: Education Galaxy 8/24-28/2020


BOY Reading-08/31/2020


BOY Math-9/2/2020


BOY Reading-9/1/2020


BOY Math-9/3/2020


Science Unit test


BOY Writing-9/4/2020