Here are the district tennis results

JV Results

Girls Singles 1st place Eloise Piccart

Girls Doubles 1st place Rosa Teirrablanca and Annie Netardus

Girls Doubles 2nd place Johnnise Ortiz and Mireya Martinez

Boys Singles 3rd place John Delgado

Boys Doubles 1st place Adrian Mendez and Timothy Miller

Boys Doubles 3rd place Jacob Meyer and Jacob Rubel

Mixed Doubles 1st place Grace Gonzalez and Isaac Gonzales


Varsity Results

Girls Singles 1st place Gabbie Weber

Girls Doubles 1st place Sophia Castillo and Brianna Elizondo

Girls Doubles 2nd place Sydney Blair and Danielle Drisch

Boys Singles 2nd place Trey Hernandez

Boys Singles 3rd place Aiden Guzman

Boys Doubles 2nd place James Gonzales and Jesse Ortiz

Boys Doubles 3rd place Lucky Garcia and Xavier Lewis