The 7th & 8th grade girls both placed 2nd at the district track meet on Friday. 




4x100 Relay- 2nd Place

  • Elena Guerra, Elizabeth Molina, Payton Jo Puett, Megan Salazar


  • Savanna Schuchart, Elizabeth Molina, Elena Guerra, Megan Salazar 

4x400 Relay- 4th place

  • Payton Jo Puett, Elizabeth Molina, Kendyl Williams, Kiera Wiatrek 


Megan Salazar 

  • District Champion- 200m
  • 4th Place- High Jump

Savanna Schuchart

  • 2nd place- 100 & 300 hurdles 
  • 3rd place in long & triple jump 

Emma Lugo

  • District Champion- Shot Put

Laney Briones

  • District Champion- Discus
  • 4th Place- Shot Put

Kiera Wiatrek

  • 2nd Place- High Jump 
  • 4th Place- 300 hurdles
  • 5th Place- 100 hurdles

Payton Jo Puett

  • District Champion- Pole Vault
  • 5th Place- 300 hurdles

Karla Lopez

  • 5th place- 800m

Ryann Schimelpfening 

  • 4th place- long jump
  • 6th place- 100 hurdles & high jump 

Maykaylah Chain

  • 3rd place- Shot put

Hadley Amador

  • 4th place- Discus




4x100 Relay- 4th Place

  • Jenna Brown, Janelle Romero, Marissa Chapa, Juliet Piazza

4x200- 2nd Place

  • Juliet Piazza, Jenna Brown, Janelle Romero, BobbieJo Gonzales

4x400 Relay- 2nd place

  • BobbieJo Gonzales, Summer knight, Jenna Brown, Jaslynne Rodriguez



Bobbie Jo Gonzales

  • District Champion- 100 Hurdles
  • 5th place- triple jump

Mia Martinez

  • District champion- Shot Put
  • 3rd place- Discus

Candice Mascorro

  • District Champion- Discus

Marissa Chapa 

  • 4th place- 100 & 300 hurdles

Bird Guzman

  • 5th place- 300 hurdles

Katrina McCarthy

  • 6th place- high jump 

Jaslynne Rodriguez

  • District Champion- 400m

Starr Blake

  • 5th place- 1 mile

Kathryn Swientek

  • 6th place- 1 mile