Freshman Orientation Information


It is a pleasure to welcome you and your incoming 9th grader to Jourdanton High School. We are committed to doing everything possible to ensure your student's overall success. On August 3rd we will have freshman orientation at which time we will introduce our administration, school counselor, and some of the other faculty. Students will be given general instructions on school rules and 􀀆life at the high school'. We believe by participating in orientation students will get off to a great start in their new school, earn higher grades, be more likely to be involved in co­curricular activities, and have fewer disciplinary issues. There is no doubt that attending this day will be an informative and fun experience.
All incoming freshmen are strongly encouraged to attend the
"Freshman Orientation 2021"
The purpose of this day is to help students become familiar with JHS so the first day of class will go smoothly.
Each student will:

•    Go over their 4-year plan and endorsements.
•    Receive their class schedule.
•    Walk their schedule to become familiar with the location of their classes.
•    Receive their locker assignment (if available).
•    Learn about important school-related issues.
•    Be made aware of the many activities available at JHS and be encouraged to get involved.
•    Meet new incoming freshmen and have the opportunity to make new friends.
•    And most important, have a great time!