Jourdanton ISD Vehicle Request FAQ's

1. How do I login to Transfinder?

Your username is your first initial + last name (ex: Braden Boehme = Bboehme).

Your password is your staff employee number minus any leading zeros. Some of your passwords will be 2 digits, while others will have 4 digits. Once you have successfully logged in, you may change your password.

2. How many days notice are required for a new request?

All requests are required to be submitted 10 business days prior to the departure date.

3. How to I submit a new request?

To submit a request you must first click “Field Trips” then click on the “New Field Trip” button. Please fill out as much information as possible to ensure transportation will provide you with the correct vehicle(s). All fields with red asterisks are required fields and will not allow you to submit a request if they are not filled in. Fill out one request per vehicle.

If you are requesting a school car, truck, or suburban you will need to choose “White Fleet - Campus” from the School: drop down menu. If you are requesting a bus, you will choose “Bus – Campus” from the School drop down menu.

Put the name of the Driver in the "Contact" box. If you need a driver, put NEED DRIVER

4. What do I need after my request has been approved (white fleet only)?

You can pick up a vehicle binder from central office between 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Depending on your departure time, you may need to pick the binder up the day prior. In the binder you will find: keys to the vehicle that has been assigned, proof of insurance, gate code to the transportation lot and a trip ticket. On the trip ticket, you will be required to complete the leave/return time and the leave/return mileage.

On the day/time of your trip, the vehicle can be picked up at the transportation lot (highway 16 south). After your trip, the vehicle shall promptly be returned to the transportation lot. If you are returning after school hours, you may return the binder to central office on the next business day.

5. Who can I call if I need further assistance?

You may call Braden Boehme, Transportation Director at extension 3968 or Kassy Robles, Administrative Assistant at extension 3549.

Thank you and have a safe trip.