Jourdanton ISD Board Of Trustees

April 02, 2019

Board of TrusteesVance Jupe, Amador Lugo Sr, Mary Ramirez, Barbara Peeler, Rita Munoz, Lanny Wheeler, Phillip Netardus 

Board MemberDistrictTermEmail
Vance Jupe12017-2020vjupe@jisdtx.us
Rita Munoz22017-2020rmunoz@jisdtx.us
Phillip Netardus32017-2020pnetardus@jisdtx.us
Mary Yanas Ramirez42019-2022myramirez@jisdtx.us
Amador Lugo Sr52018-2021amadorlugo@hotmail.com
Barbara Peeler62019-2022bgpeeler@wireweb.net
Lanny Wheeler72018-2021ljwheeler74@hotmail.com

Regular Meetings:

Trustees usually meet on the second Monday of each month at the JISD Central office Board of Trustees' Meeting Room located in the administrative office. In the event that large attendance is anticipated, the board may meet at another facility in the district. Special meetings may be called when necessary. A written notice will show the date, time, place, and subjects of each meeting. In emergencies, a meeting may be held with two hours notice.

All meetings are open to the public. The Board may conduct a closed meeting to discuss any of the following:

  • Attorney Consultation
  • Real Property
  • Prospective Gifts
  • Personnel Matters
  • Employee - Employee Complaints
  • Student discipline
  • Personally Identifiable Student Information
  • Medical or Psychiatric Records
  • Security Devices
  • Assessment Instruments
  • Emergency Management
  • Economic Development Negotiations

Board Operating Guidelines