Jourdanton Attends Fall CDE Contest at Peeler Ranch

The Jourdanton FFA Chapter competed in the Wintergarden District Career Development Events held at Peeler Ranch on Wednesday, September 25. At the contest, team members competed in Homesite Evaluation, Land Evaluation, Plant Identification and Range Evaluation.


The Chapter Farmer Homesite Evaluation team placed 1st overall. High point individual awards went to Jenny Vrana 2nd, Claire Vyvlecka 3rd, Abby Valdez 6th and Ally Foster 9th other team members included Hayden Harris and Lexi Sandoval. The Greenhand Homesite Evaluation team placed 1st overall in their division. Greenhand high point awards went to Mallory Vickers 2nd, Mario Venegas 4th, Randall Benton 5th, Kirby McNeil 6th, Sydney Blaire 7th, Cali Hinds 9th, Ally Sherley also participated in the event.


The Chapter Farmer Range Team placed 1st overall. High point individual awards went to Cort Hinds 1st, Michael Howard 2nd, Mason Vick 3rd, Weston Eisenhauer 4th, Paige Stofa 5th, Madison Lutz 6th, Sawyer Huggins 10th other team members included Beidler Weiss and Jacob Meyer. The Greenhand Range Team also placed 1st overall in their division. High point individuals were Riley Howard 1st, Tate Yow 2nd, Kooper Schorsch 5th and Slade Huggins 9th.


The Land Evaluation team took 5th place overall. Kristin Mueller received 9th place high point individual. Other members on the team were Rene Ortiz, Jesus Jimenez, Spencer Thomas, Madi Vick, Macey Briones, Daffne Berrios, and Molly Barton.


The Chapter Farmer Plant ID team was 6th place overall. Members of them team were Aiden Guzman, Emma Roach, Madison Yow, Riley Hindes, Jordan Wallace, Joey Dickey and Carli Foster. The Greenhand team was 3rd place overall. Laurie Kubish received 7th place high point individual. Kaylee, Jenkins, Emma Dixon, Miranda Jones, Kylyn Smithey and Jaydn Jupe also participated on the team. 


All students who received 1st and 2nd place overall received a scholarship from the Peelers. The Jourdanton FFA and Wintergarden District would like to thank the Peeler family for hosting the competition. Good luck to all who will be competing at Area competition on October 9th in Sinton.