Jourdanton ISD Emergency Operations Plan of Action

Jourdanton ISD Community,

On July 10, 2019, the Jourdanton ISD Crisis Response Team met to review and update the district’s Emergency Operations Plan (EOP).

The purpose of the School Emergency Operations Plan (SEOP) is to provide information on how to respond to emergency incidents by outlining the responsibilities and duties of the district, school, its employees, and students. This plan has been customized to meet the specific and unique needs, capabilities, and circumstances found at any of our schools.

Each year, the School Administration shall review and certify that the plan is current and accurate. This must be done with the School Level Crisis Response Team at the beginning of each school year.

The school superintendent must meet with the police and fire chief to formulate or review a school-specific Emergency Operations Plan at the beginning of each school year as required.

This plan provides teachers, staff, students, parents, and other members of the community with assurances that the district and school has established guidelines and procedures to respond to incidents/hazards in an effective way.

 The SEOP provides guidelines and procedures for dealing with existing and potential school incidents. The plan outlines the expectations of school staff and students, as well as providing authority for personnel to enact the plan, in whole or in part, in the event of an emergency affecting the school community. The plan discusses internal and external communications; training and sustainability; authority and references as defined by local, state, and federal government mandates and actions the school will use to prepare for, mitigate, respond to, and recover from school emergencies.

Members of the JISD Crisis Response Team include, but is not limited to, all JISD district/campus administrators, Jourdanton Police Chief, Jourdanton School Resource Officer (SRO), Jourdanton ISD technology director, Jourdanton ISD maintenance director, Jourdanton ISD transportation director, Jourdanton ISD nurse, and Jourdanton ISD food service director.

In the event there is any emergency, the district will initiate the SEOP and proceed with the protocol set forth in the SEOP.  The Crisis Intervention Team, along with other Emergency Response Agencies will implement the plan in a way that creates the safest and securest environment for the students and staff of JISD.  

JISD requests parents and guardians to cooperate completely in the event there is an emergency.  Listed below are a few expectations for parents and guardians that will assist the district in executing the SEOP efficiently:

  •   Encourage and support school safety, violence prevention and incident preparedness programs within the school.
  •   Provide the school with requested information concerning any incident, early and late dismissals, and other related release information.
  •   Do not impede the response of school and public safety officials to any emergency by unnecessarily overloading phone banks, parking and/or gathering in and around school grounds and roadways leading to the campus that will impede emergency access in any way, or otherwise contribute to the delay of care of students and faculty.
  • Keep all contact information/dismissal information current.
  • Read, understand and observe the school emergency guidance provided before, during and after an emergency.
  • Understand your roles during a school emergency, as defined by the school administration (do not call or come to the school/evacuation site until directed to do so).
  • Information will be provided through the following official district media sources:

o   Web page:

o   Facebook:        @JourdantonPride

o   Twitter              @JourdantonPride

o   Instagram         JourdantonPride

Jourdanton ISD takes the safety and security of our campuses seriously and will do everything possible to keep your children safe while at school, on field trips, or at extracurricular events.  As always, I would like to thank staff, students, parents and the entire community for your support of the Jourdanton ISD Tribe!!!

Theresa McAllister


Jourdanton Independent School District