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Jourdanton ISD

Jr. High


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Vickie Schulte

8th Grade Math Teacher

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478cc0026ff8dMath helps you move mountains.
Math helps you move mountains.

"Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying. I will try again tomorrow."  Mary Anne Radmacher

Contact Information

830-769-2234 ext. 236




Grading Policy

Daily Assignments 50%

Unit Tests 25%

Six Weeks Test 15%

Quizzes 10%



Correcting Daily Assignments

Students are allowed to correct any of their daily assignments regardless of the grade.

Corrections must be done on a separate sheet of paper and stapled to the original assignment with all work shown.  Their grade will be based on an average of the original grade and the correction grade. The corrected grade will be written in purple ink.

Students WILL NOT be allowed to correct quizzes or tests.


Class deadlines

All late work and daily assignment corrections must be turned in on or before the posted class deadlines. The first deadline means all work/corrections from the beginning of the six weeks to the deadline date must be turned in.  The 2nd deadline means all work/corrections from the 1st deadline date to the 2nd deadline date must be turned in.

1st Six Weeks (Aug 21nd -Sept. 29th)

deadline #1- Thursday, Sept. 7th

deadline #2- Friday, Sept. 2 nd


2nd Six Weeks (Oct. 2rd-Nov. 34th)

deadline #1- Thursday, Oct 12

deadline #2- Friday, Oct 27th


3rd Six Weeks (Nov 6th- Dec.20th)

deadline #1- Tuesday, Nov. 16th

deadline #2- Friday, Dec. 8th


4th six Weeks (Jan.4rd- Feb 16th)

Deadline #1:  Thursday, Jan. 18th

Deadline #2: Friday, Feb. 90th


5th Six Weeks: (Feb 20st - April 6th)

Deadline #1: Thursday, March 8th

Deadline #2: Friday, March 30st


6th Six Weeks: (April 9th –May 24th)

Deadline #1: Thursday, April 26th

Deadline #2: Thursday, May 11th



A Day  B-Day
AM Support (7:30-7:54)Tuesday-Friday AM Support (7:30-7:54)Tuesday-Friday
1st period (8:05-9:30)-8th Math 5th period (8:05-9:30) --8th Math
2nd period (9:35-11:00)-8th Math 6th period (9:35-11:00) --8th Math
Intervention Period (11:40-12:10)         Intervention Period (11:40-12:10)
3rd period (12:15-1:50)-8th Math 7th period (12:15-1:50) --8th Math
4th period (1:55-3:30)--RTI/CONFERENCE 8th Period (1:55-3:30) --CONFERENCE
PM Support (3:30-4:00) Monday-Thursday PM Support (3:30-4:00) Monday-Thursday


Imagine Math

Imagine Math is our online math program for grades 6-8. Imagine Math will be a weekly quiz grade. Students will have designated time on Tuesday and Thursday to work on Imagine Math lessons during Math class.  They may also access the program from home. The students will have from Monday-Sunday to complete their lessons. The grade will be determined by the number of Imagine Math lessons that are completed during each Monday-Sunday timeframe.

3 lessons completed = 100

2 lessons completed = 75

1 lesson completed = 50

0 lessons completed = 0