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Jourdanton ISD

Jr. High


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Stephanie Lanier

*College                Texas A&M University 

                              BS in EDCI & MEd in Ed Psych.

*What I Teach       Resource  Special Education  English 

                               Itinerant Support 

                                7th/8th Grade Dyslexia  Class

*What I Sponsor    UIL Oral Reading-grade 6


"I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something.

And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do."

Edward E Hale

*Class Schedule

1st Period  Itinerant Support 5th Period  Conference
2nd Period  Itinerant support 6th Period  8th grade Basic English
3rd Period  7th grade Basic English A 7th Period  7th Grade Basic English B
4th Period  Conference 8th Period

 6th grade Basic English

  7th & 8th Dyslexia Class- Intervention  A or B Day


About Me:

I grew up in a small town about the size of Jourdanton, Lexington, Texas. I attended school K-12 , there, and then headed to Texas A&M. I majored in education with my specialty being special education. I student taught in Spring ISD and Gulf Pines Hospital. Following that year I worked in San Antonio ISD to complete an internship for my masters program. I continued to teach in San Antonio ISD for several more years, stopping to stay home with our young children . I started teaching again when our children started school.  I am currently in my 18th year in education.


6th , 7th and 8th Grade

Basic English

Mrs. Lanier

Grading Guidelines:

For these classes all graded work will be modified according to the student’s level in reading and writing. The goal is to decrease the gap between the student’s present level and assigned grade level.



The Basic English Grade will be determined by

30%  Grammar and Punctuation Skills Grade  Average

30%  Composition –Sentences, Paragraphs, & Essays

20%  Tests/Projects Grade Average

20% Computer Based Programs


Z.A.P.  Zeroes Aren’t Permitted

All work will be attempted. Late work IS ACCEPTED and EXPECTED. Assignments that are past a  week overdue will be -10. Work missed due to absences will be provided with ample time for completion with no penalty.


RE-DO Work

What:  Assignment or test below 70

How: The assignment is reworked in entirety with highest grade of the two assignments recorded.

When: Any time until the last week of 6 wks

Where: In classroom or in other place with special arrangements



What:  Assignment or test below 70

How: The errors in the assignment are fixed in a different color OR attached on a separate paper. The maximum correction grade is 75.

When: Any time until the last week of 6 wks

Where: Classroom or homework



If you need to contact me:

Email: slanier@jisdtx.us

Phone: 830 769 2234  

Conference: A Day 1:55 to 3:30

                      B  Day 8:05 to 9:35


6th Grade Basic  English  Text  6bejjh   to  81010

7th Grade Basic  English   Text  7bejjh   to  81010

8th Grade Basic  English   Text   8 bejjh  to  81010