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Jourdanton Independent School District

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4d3c4a5ea2753"Helicopter Photos" Click "read more" and then click on the small icon in the bottom right hand corner of the picture to view a slide show.
"Helicopter Photos" Click "read more" and then click on the small icon in the bottom right hand corner of the picture to view a slide show.

On March 23rd, more than 1400 students and staff celebrated the 100th birthday of the Jourdanton ISD by gathering at Indian Stadium for an aerial photo.  Students and staff formed a 100 on the field as helicopter pilot, Joseph Meyer and photographer, Tammy Blalock flew overhead taking photos of the formation.  Some of the pictures in this slide show were taken while students and staff were forming the 100.  Pictures from the helicopter will be made available soon and the 100 year photo will be sold by the 100 Year Committee.  

In May, 2011, Jourdanton High School will celebrate the 100th Senior class to graduate from Jourdanton Independent School District.  Jourdanton ISD has received approval for a 100 Year Historical Marker from the Texas Historical Commission.  Below is an excerpt from the essay written in the application for the 100 year marker.  The complete essay can be found below the excerpt in a PDF document.


The final section of the law, which was approved and went into effect March 23, 1911, provides justification for this swift action:

“Sec. 31.  The deplorable condition of the public free schools with the territory
comprising said independent school district, being now without adequate public school
buildings, and wholly insufficient equipment, and without funds to provide for the same,
creates an emergency, and an imperative public necessity exists . . . that this Act take
effect and be in force from and after its passage, and it is so enacted” (Texas 801).
The first school board was elected in April 1911, and included George M. Martin, C.T.
Wynn, J. A. Steinle, O. F. Walton, R.L. Witt, R.E. Phillips and P. F. Watson.   (“School
Board Just Elected” 1)


Jourdanton I.S.D: A Century of Service Essay

Jourdanton High School
4d3c4a5ea2753Click the picture for a larger view.
Click the picture for a larger view.

The 100-year celebration committee members are selling t-shirts ($10.00), commemorative bricks ($25.00), and decals to raise funds for future activities to celebrate this historic milestone.  All items are also being sold at each campus office, as well as the Administration Building.  The following is the decal on the t-shirt and click on the link for the form needed to purchase a commemorative brick(s).


Commemorative Brick Form  These bricks will be placed around the 100 Year Historical Marker.  The exact location of the marker on the campus has not been determined.



       T-Shirt Decal         


Other activities scheduled throughout the year include:

JHS Graduation - May 28, 2011

Homecoming - September 23rd, 2011; Indians vs La Pryor

Jourdanton Pride Day - July 4, 2011


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